Argentina vs Croatia Highilights

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Argentina vs Croatia 1st Semi Final Highlights

Both Argentina and Croatia has not backed their usual style pf playing. Argentina predominantly played with attacking mind set up in this tournament. However, they looked to play waiting game against Croatia. On the other hand Croatia looked to more aggressive in their approach in first 40 minutes.  Which made sure they were playing the game in the Argentina’s hand. Argentina waited for the counter attack opportunity and they made most of their chances they got.
1️⃣st Goal: Argentina was lucky enough to get a penalty even though it looked like a very close call. But still they needed to score and who is better than Messi himself. He provided the all important lead against confident Croatia.
2️⃣nd Goal: After conceding the initial goal Croatia looked desperate to make a comeback. Thus created some loopholes in their defense. Emiliano Martinez was up for it to take the full advantage of Croatia defense.
However he was lucky that Croatian defense was unable to clear a relatively easy ball from d-box. Which allowed him to give his counter attack a desired result through a decent volley.
3️⃣rd Goal: Although the goal was scored by Emiliano Martinez but it was all about Messi who make a long run to overtake the Croatian defense and give a magical pass in the d-box. After a astonishing pass it was decent finish by Martinez to make it 3-0.

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