Our Mission

Beanibazarerdak24 is one of the leading newspapers in Sylhet. In particular, we are motivated to publish Sylhet news.  Moreover, we have a dedicated group of people working hard to publish Sylhet’s online news.

For getting the Sylhet news, you might have many options to choose from; however, we always try to get the in-depth of the news to give the reader facts.

We are a reliable online news platform, and our main motto is to publish all the important news of Sylhet that happened in the last 24 hours.

We are very amused that audiences are acknowdlgeing our effort to become one of the best daily newspapers of Sylhet. In addition, we also understand the readers are our main strength. To be precise, without them, an online newspaper is nothing more than an empty vessel.

To meet our respected readers’ expectations, we are trying to improve the quality of our news. We are not only limited to publishing daily news, looking to create quality blog posts. In particular, we are focusing on cricket and travel blogs. We love to create content on Bangla cricket news as well.

It focuses not only on the traditional news pattern but also on the information about Bangla insider news. Besides, we intend to deliver the news from the world of Bangla before anybody else. West Bengal people have the same mother tongue; we have a close eye to grab the latest Bangla news from Kolkata.

We are always excited to listen to your voices regarding our content creation. Always appreciate your precious suggestions. We expect that you guys will be stay tuned with us for getting the latest Bangla news. Signing out with expectations that we will be recognized as one of the best newspapers in Sylhet soon.

Thanks for hearing from us!

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