5 Best Online Newspaper of Sylhet

Top 5 Online Newspapers of Sylhet

There are a handful of quality online newspapers available to make us update about what is happening in Sylhet. They are prominent for circulating trustworthy news. 

Over the past decades, Bangla newspapers have seen a substantial amount of enhancement in terms of the caliber of the news. Today we will list the top five online newspapers from Sylhet, also we will focus on their key aspects to give a broader look into the overall scenario.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful to choose the best Bangla newspapers of Sylhet which you can follow for getting authentic news.




Launched in 2014, SylhetToday24 is one of the most popular newspapers in Sylhet at present. The magazine presents the real news to the readers in a very firm and impartial manner. They mainly focus on the regional as well as the international news. 

SylhetToday24 publishes special editions based on a wide range of topics on a regular basis. Moreover, they post opinions of well-known writers across the country, Mohammed Jafor Iqbal, Ronesh Moitro, Maskwaith Ahsan, etc.

If we consider the number of daily readerships, SylhetToday24 is the most read online newspaper in Sylhet. Moreover, the country’s top national dailies like Prothomalo,bdnews24 in many cases use SylhetToday24 as the source for news. Recently they have started publishing news in English for the very first time.


Sylhet View 

Sylhetview24 is number two on our list. In the world of Sylhet online newspaper, Sylhetview24 has made a place in the minds of the readers for presenting reliable news for a long time. The magazine has been bringing the news of the entire district and Upazila of Sylhet division in a fair manner since their inception. While SylhetView is also very famous for creating a buzz among the audience for their unorthodox news headline.

আরও পড়ুন  খাদের কিনারা থেকে আফিফ-মিরাজদের সাগরিকা জয়

In addition, Sylhetview24 publishes top job news for the unemployed youth on a consistent basis. That’s why they have gained sheer popularity among the young generation. 

Daily Sylhet

Daily Sylhet 

Daily Sylhet is one of the finest online newspapers of Sylhet. They are popular among the readers for their meaningful news. They also publish news from all divisions across the country on a consistent basis.  Moreover, the excellent architecture of the website is one of the reasons that the audience does feel comfortable while they surf. 

Sylheter Sokal

Sylheter Sokal

The core specialty of Sylheter Sokal is delivering news with a feel. They just don’t limit in presenting the facts and images page after page, but they spot the human element, the underlying thread behind the stories which is liked and followed by the general public.

Sokal is a Bengali word and it means morning. This newspaper is a perfect reflection of its name, providing fresh news of the morning. 

Dainik Sylhet

Dainik Sylhet

Introducing stories with excellent and comprehensive coverage is the key feature of this newspaper. All news items are presented after deep inquiry and investigation, which is liked by the audience. It also assures the articles are impartial and balanced. Published from Sylhet, the daily Dainik Sylhet is focusing on providing all types of news to the public.

According to our research, we can rely on these newspapers for getting Sylhet news.

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