Cricket vs Football: Why cricket is Better than Football

Cricket vs Football: The battle of greatness

As a game cricket is more engrossing and it has the power to keep the fan engaged to the last minute. While a game of football can be boring if one team scores a substantial number of goals in the first part. Football is a game where the outcome is determined by the number of goals. 

On the other hand, cricket is a game that is entitled to lots of diversity. Moreover, Cricket can be leveled as a game of glorious uncertainty. No doubt, right now football is the most popular game in the universe. But at the same time, it is also true that the football vs cricket popularity battle is getting interesting day by day. As day by day cricket is increasing its fan base all over the world.


Today we will discuss this topic from a different perspective to find the reason why the game cricket can be more entertaining than football. We hope you guys will stay tuned with us until the finishing line.


The basic difference between cricket and football

Before we go further into the conversation of Cricket vs Football we will explain the fundamentals of these two beautiful games. As a game, football & cricket are completely opposite to each other. In the case of cricket, It is important to give a lot’s importance to every small aspect of the game. To be precise, to win a game of cricket it is inevitable to win every tiny moment. Anything opposite of that may cost the game. 

 Whereas, in the case of football there is no such requirement to win every small moment. So why can it very easily be said that different phases of a particular cricket match do offer an identical taste to the spectators? From this point of view, football can be a really boring game, when a certain number of goals are scored at the early part of the game.

Cricket is the game where the ultimate result of the game heavily depends on a particular day. It is really hard to predict the winner before the game. On the other hand, in the case of football, it is far easier to predict the favorite between two teams

আরও পড়ুন  ঢাকা টু সিলেট বিমান ভাড়া ২০২১ । বিমান ভাড়া, টিকেট , ফ্লাইট বুকিং সহ সব তথ্য


Longer entertainment

The shortest form of cricket is T-20, even though this format is played for a longer period of time than football. The action replay of one particular moment can change the environment of the whole stadium. While the game of Football does provide that much importance to action replays.

 Each and every small aspect of the game is considered with a lot of importance in the game of cricket. While football is very simple as a game, in a football game the margin of twist is very minimal.

Spirit of the games

Cricket is widely known as a gentleman’s game. This game is always played in a great spirit. Football is a very physical game, where physical involvement between two players is very common. This physical attachment so often creates unwanted situations in the field. In some cases, players of both teams get involved in fights, even bite each other alongside many crazy things. Which eventually spoils the spirit of the game badly. While cricket can be very pleasing to eyes from this point of view, where players’ on-field actions are considered with a lot of importance. 

In addition, sometimes the footballers act like proper Hollywood actors. For example, they lay down on the field and jump around like a fish out of water. The main reason is to impress the referee to win a free kick or get the opposition a yellow or red card. But you won’t see such actions by a cricketer on the field, which makes this game more civilized as a game than football.


Cricket is the most versatile game on this earth. Cricket has multiple diversity while football has only one way of playing. Since the emergence of the game football, this game has not seen a substantial amount of changes. Which makes it sometimes very boring. 

আরও পড়ুন  চলিতেছে সার্কাসঃ কার্টেসি নান্নু এন্ড কোং

 The guardian of cricket is dedicated to making cricket better day by day by adding more dimensions to it. The rules of football are very straightforward and they hardly change. It has been playing decade after decade with a similar kind of formula with no real changes. The authorities of football seem to be very conservative in adding new aspects to this game.

 Three different formats of the game of cricket provide different tastes to the fans. You haven’t lived the sport until you have been in the cricket stadium to experience the different formats while shouting out your favorite player’s name.

Battle Play

A cricketer always seems to be ready for the battle on the ground. A batsman comes with a helmet, proper padding & armed with a wooden club. They can play even with injuries if necessary.

 As an example, Bangladesh’s Tamim Iqbal came in to bat after fracturing his left wrist during the Asia Cup opener against Sri Lanka in 2018. In 2009, Graeme Smith came in to bat with a broken hand against Australia. On the other hand, footballers look like they are out for a walk in the morning. The slightest injury & a footballer will call for a stretcher on the ground.



As a game Cricket offers more challenges than Football. For example, in a test match, a team needs to play well for 5 days constantly to win the match. They can lose the match if they lose one or two crucial seasons. 

 On the other hand, Football is generally played for 90 minutes. This means if a team is able to play well for 90 minutes they can turn the fortune in their favor. 

 To win a cricket game it is necessary to do well in every three departments of the game. For example, if you bowl well but the fielder drops the catch, it means the effort made by the bowler is in vain. To be precise one department has to support others to stay ahead of the game.

আরও পড়ুন  বাংলাদেশের সর্বকালের সেরা ওয়ানডে একাদশ 



Test Of Tolerance

Regarding test cricket, the game is played session by session for the whole day long. Cricketers are not enveloped by the comfy surroundings most of the time whether the game is played on their own ground or another. This is the game of fortitude while football is played for 90 minutes.

The Great Revelry & More Twist

To name a few, Brazil Vs. Argentina, Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid are some of the best rivalries in football. But when it comes to India Vs. Pakistan, Australia Vs. South Africa matches, nothing holds a candle, because these are the mother of all revelries. Just remember the match between Bangladesh & Sri Lanka (Asia cup, 2018).


Bangladesh needed 6 runs to win, 2 balls were left. A moment after that Mahmudullah hit a six & Bangladesh won that match. No words can describe the excitement spectators had. As far as I remember, there were tears of joy in my eyes.

Fans & Stadiums

Football fans are undoubtedly crazier than cricket fans. History says there are many incidents, especially the worst was the 1985 Heysel stadium disaster in Belgium. You can search for it for more details. Rioting, murders, setting fire themselves are things that happened before by football fans. So comparatively, cricket fans are nearly serene! Besides, cricket stadiums are far more aesthetically polished than football stadiums. You can ask the skilled one in case!


In the end, it is evident that each game has its own dimensions which do entertain the spectators. But clearly, in the battle of cricket vs football, cricket has an edge over football. Day by day the cricket is winning hurts of people. Moreover, cricket has all the elements to surpass football in terms of popularity.

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