5 best ODI Innings of Shakib Al Hasan

Top 5 performance of Shakib Al Hasan in ODI’s

Cricket is not just a game; it is a feeling itself. Bangladesh is a country where cricket is said to be the most celebrated game, where there are emotions, heartbreaks, happiness, and spine-chilling thrillers. When it comes to the Bangladesh cricket team, Shakib Al Hasan is a name that comes first in our mind, he rules the heart of millions by his amazing performances, he is also known as the world’s best all-rounder.

Shakib in no time made his name so famous that people were crazy for him, he has given Bangladesh cricket a new direction with his experiences over the years, in his career undoubtedly, he has played so many great innings but some innings are so memorable that still, they are stuck on the mind, 

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe 5 match ODI series, 2009, An Unsung Hero Emerged-

Shakib Al Hasan made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2006, where he scored some runs and bowled well, his overall performance in the game was good enough. As time passed his position in the group became fixed, he was improving in every match, by this, he drew the attention of Cricketing Legends, they were impressed. In 2009, he was appointed as Captain of Bangladesh cricket team, against Zimbabwe he scored a massive 100 of only 64 balls, hitting 11 fours and 1 big sixer, by this Bangladesh scored their highest total in ODI and Shakib finished this series with the leading run-scorer.

Shakib finished the series with 170 runs in five matches at an average of 42.50, took six wickets with an average of 39.66 being the fourth-highest wicket-taker in the series, it was a 4–1 victory for Bangladesh in the ODI series. This performance made him so famous that he was praised all over the cricketing world moreover his position as a captain was fixed. This year was the starting of his new journey towards new challenges.

Bangladesh vs New Zealand 5 match series, 2010, Breathtaking Innings by Shakib –

As time passed, Bangladesh well flourished as a team where Bangladesh was capable of beating any team with Shakib in full form, it was an ODI series where New Zealand had a slight upper hand by having an experienced lineup. Bangladesh was playing in their home ground where Tigers had the added advantage of the love of their supporters, the batting performance of Shakib was such that it turned the odds into Bangladesh’s favor, where he scored 106 with 113 deliveries having a strike rate of 93.81 hitting 11 fours and 1 six and took crucial 3 wickets which sealed victory for Bangladesh. Surely it was an edging victory while Shakib was rewarded as the Player of the match. It was hands down a breathtaking finish, he won the hearts of millions that day.

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It was then said, Bangladesh has emerged as a team where players like     Shakib are a treasure for the future, no matter how challenging the scenario will be, Shakib will be the player everyone’s hope will rely on. His amazing skills will brighten the future of Bangladesh’s cricket-playing history.

As time passed, Shakib shined as a top-class player, he was then compared with some of the best Cricket legends, adding to it his ODI ranking as a player improved. In 2015 he was ranked as the number one all-rounder, he deserved every praise as he struggled a lot, injuries were also reasons for his absence. But he managed to fight back and gain the spot on the national team. With the coming times, his performance was magical with ball and bat also outstanding fielding was awe-inspiring!

Bangladesh vs India Asia CUP 2012, Shakib Breaking all the shackles-

When it comes to India vs Bangladesh, the pressure adds more like the record against India is not favorable yet Shakib and his team were ready to change the history despite troubling setbacks. India batting first gave a good target, at first Bangladesh had a messy start but as the final hour was coming Shakib was in full power to demolish the opponent, he scored a very good total of 49 runs taking only 31 balls, under tough immense pressure Shakib had his nerve as the finishing line was very close.

His score released the pressure for Bangladesh fans as the home ground was the full-on fire. After Mushfiqur’s best finish Bangladesh for the first time went to the finals beating hot favorites India. It was a great upset for India, the dream of finals came true credit goes to Shakib’s calm innings and Mushfiqur’s blustery innings. Shakib was the Man of the match, after this he was all over the news and the world knew his prowess.

আরও পড়ুন  বুকে ব্যথা নিয়ে হাসপাতালে সৌরভ

Bangladesh vs New Zealand Champions Trophy 2017, a Beast Unleashed-

Being the no.1 all-rounder, Shakib had all the eyes on him as he was a player that could upset any best team, the time of Champions Trophy came, where Asian countries were more favorites to win the trophy and Bangladesh was surely one of them. A match against New Zealand is always entertaining as both sides had the best of best players. The knock that Shakib played in Cardiff was just nothing but brutal, scoring 114 with 115 balls having a good strike rate, smashing a big six, and knocking off 11 boundaries. His innings were a treat to the viewers. He was enough to tackle the best bowlers. With balling he was also very economical. These innings shut all the spectators and charmed them. For his wonderful performance, he was named the Man of the Match. His skills were put into action and thus Bangladesh tasted success.

Bangladesh vs West Indies ICC World Cup 2019, Majestic all-rounder Shakib-

The world cup brings massive pressure to every player and team. People of Bangladesh had high hopes with Shakib and Captain Mashrafe. In the past, Bangladesh had lost very close games which added to the pressure of the team. It was a huge match against West-Indies in Taunton, where Bangladesh was not a favorite as West-Indies got a big margin victory against Pakistan. They were ecstatic as their performance of every player was phenomenal. Shakib with other teammates had full preparation to win and blow them over.

Most of the people were assuming that it would be a tough game as it was such a massive total of 321 to defend but Shakib single-handedly played so well that West-Indies never got a chance to stand. He scored a grand style 124* with a massive strike rate of 125.25, hitting 16 boundaries all around the ground, He made the chase look so easy to the viewer’s eyes. He took 2 important wickets giving away 54 runs against the Caribbeans. It was a huge victory that stunned everyone, Shakib made it look like an easy walk in the park by doing it so calmly and cleverly.

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Shakib has made Bangladesh proud internationally, the Bangladesh team and fans heavily rely on his performance. Shakib faced many ups and downs in his career but he always fights back and mesmerizes his fans with his impactful knocks, He is an inspiration to millions of children who will be the future of the nation, they look up to him as an idol. Shakib has a huge fan base all over the world. He has provided Bangladesh some wins that are forever unforgettable and we expect more outcomes in the future for this living breathing legend. He sure is the number one all-rounder for this very reason. His winning knocks are ever satisfying to every cricket lover. Indeed, Shakib Al Hasan has gifted Bangladesh some memorable innings that are recorded in the History of Cricket and we wish him all the best of luck for the future, may he bring more trophies and reach sky-high success.

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